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farmhouse studios
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Farmhouse Studio is a fully equipped digital recording studio. It features high-end pre-ams, such as Focusrite, Universal Audio, DBX, Eleven Rack and more. This in conjunction with great microphones (made by Neumann, Shure, Rode, AKG, and Studio Projects) brings justice to our great recording room designed for acoustics instruments such as drums, strings and vocals...

Farmhouse Studios are co owned by Jacques Rautenbach (session drummer) and well known for recording great sounding live drums, thus featuring suspended wood flooring and many other tricks of the trade. 

Other Gear Include:   

PC Based Nuendo with unlimited software applications

Analogue Velve Compressors

KRK Monitoring

Mackie controls

Beyer Dynamic Room Monitoring


Listen to samples!!! 




Thanks to all the efforts of this exciting new artist called Cordelia, aswell as the producer Johan Rautenbach, Farmhouse Studios are almost done mixing. 2 Songs left!!! Watch this space for this brand new release from HIT Records or visit  Cordelia

Gerhard Steyn -  Sestien Songs.jpg