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Hourly Studio Rates

R400 per hour

R2400 per 8 hour day

R3000 per Full day (This is not a 24 hour day but would typically be from 08:00am to 10:00pm)

Please note: Above prices includes: studio, studio gear, microphones and recording engineer. It does not include instruments, musicians, producer or arranger. To learn more about getting a producer to create your next big hit read the information below

Producing & Arrangement

Johan Rautenbach, the in-house producer asks R8 000 to R12 000 per song to produce. This would include the session musicians, the arrangement and complete production of a original or cover song. These prices would depend on a few factors such as;

1. How many live musicians are required (ex; live string players or a section/ quartet will cost you more than sequenced strings

2. How many backing vocals are needed and what type ex; 2 female + 1 male

3. Other specialist instrumentation required such as ex; saxophone , harmonica or pedal steel players

To achieve these prices we have a minimum of 4 tracks per artist /project. Contact us if you require a quotation for less then 4 songs. Remember this production per song (if it's less than 4) will be more expensive  per song unless you don't require live musicians or if it's only a demo. Also keep in mind that Farmhouse Studio is not a specialist mastering facility which means that all prices exclude mastering. But rest assure we will put you on the right track.


Thanks to all the efforts of this exciting new artist called Cordelia, aswell as the producer Johan Rautenbach, Farmhouse Studios are almost done mixing. 2 Songs left!!! Watch this space for this brand new release from HIT Records or visit  Cordelia

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